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What is Studio Physique™

Studio Physique™ is the first and only studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Pinellas County to offer the revolutionary Lagree Fitness™ Training Method.

Lagree™ targets the complete spectrum of physical fitness: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility, Body Composition and Endurance. The Lagree Method™ was developed by fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree using exclusive technology and techniques resulting in the most innovative approach to full body conditioning.

Studio Physique™ offers 50 minute group and private classes led by certified Lagree Fitness™ instructors on specialized machines called Megaformers™.

This challenging, high-energy workout is ideal for both men and women.

The Lagree Method™ focuses on training slow twitch muscles to maximum stimulation. This means lengthening, strengthening and toning muscles all while burning fat and setting in motion the after burn that keeps metabolism firing long after you leave Studio Physique™.

Master Trainer: Natasha Kawasaki


and get into the best shape of your life!

To learn more about the Studio Physique™ workout, watch these videos

This time lapse video features our 45-day transformation the Spring of 2015 of the Studio Physique space in St. Petersburg, Florida, ending with the opening sessions of Lagree Fitness.

Studio Physique Owner/Trainer Chris Field introduces Lagree Fitness to St. Petersburg & PInellas County. Find out what Lagree Fitness & the Megaformer is all about.

Classes and Memberships

We have the best pricing in the area and plans to fit your needs!

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Per Class

Pay as you go! The drop-in rate works best for Studio Physique™ clients who prefer to pay every time they reserve a spot in class. If you’re visiting from out of town, or simply trying to figure out how to work Lagree Fitness™ into your already busy schedule, purchasing single classes might work best for you.

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Class Packages

Save by purchasing blocks of classes! The class packages work best for Studio Physique™ clients who plan to make Lagree Fitness™ a regular part of their workout routine. If you’re planning on taking 1-2 classes per week, packages of 5, 10 or even 20 classes might be an economical choice for you.

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Unlimited Memberships

Save BIG by purchasing a monthly membership! If you’re planning on taking 3 or more classes per week and want results that last, an unlimited membership would be the best choice for you. Take as many classes as you want over the course of your one, three or twelve month Studio Physique™ membership.

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Private Training

Private training is available for either a single person or for two!

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Student, Teacher & Military discounts available.
Studio Physique is available for team building events and special group work outs.
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