Studio Physique™ founder and owner Chris Field has tried just about every workout. As a television sports anchor/reporter for 17 years in Tampa Bay, she has also covered just about every workout. As soon as Chris heard about Lagree Fitness™, she was intrigued. As soon as Chris tried Lagree Fitness™, she was hooked. “The Lagree Fitness™ Method does it all and does it better than any other workout”, says Chris. “I enjoyed pilates and barre classes, but after those classes I always felt like I was just warming up and should go on a run or head to the gym for more. After my first Lagree™ workout, I was sore for 3 days and could not wait to get back on the Megaformer™!”

Chris discovered that Lagree Fitness TM was also a fast track for results. “Lagree TM works muscles I never even knew I had in the ‘trouble areas’ I’ve always tried so hard to reach and tone. As a mother of 3, I love that I can get in and get out of a class in less than an hour, tighten things up, and get on with my day.”

Chris Field is a certified Lagree Fitness TM instructor and enjoys teaching classes as well as taking classes from the other amazing Studio Physique TM trainers. “I am extremely excited to introduce this incredible workout to my friends and neighbors in St. Pete!”

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Hanover College with a double major in Biology and Communication. She was a 4-year starter and 2-year captain on the Hanover women’s basketball team. Chris also has experience coaching high school track, youth basketball and summer swim team.

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Angela has been active her entire life: as a mom to two teenage girls always on the go, on the job as a private investigator, or enjoying the Florida outdoors with her husband. Fitness has been a top priority since Angela’s early days as a soccer player and dancer.

Living with a chronic illness most of her life, diet and exercise have been an important part of her everyday routine. Angela says, "From day one, I have seen tremendous health benefits from the Lagree Fitness method."

Angela’s been a Certified Lagree Fitness trainer at Studio Physique from its inception, and is incredibly proud of the transformation she's already seen in many of her friends and clients. "I love my SP Peeps! I love the sense of family that the studio has created, and the friendships I have made here since 2015," she says. Angela looks forward to continue growing with Studio Physique, “I’m passionate about inspiring others to lead an active, healthy lifestyle."


David has been an athlete his entire life. Growing up a multi-sport athlete, playing any sport he could, David went on to play soccer in college and professionally. Since then, he has worked in many fields including fitness, education, travel, social work, sales and international development. David loves how the Lagree Fitness method combines strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and body awareness in every class. "The 50 minutes on the Megaformer allows you to experience a completely individual workout on your own machine, as challenging and intense as you want it to be, while you draw energy from the amazing group of people around you. The Megaformer provides a very safe platform for real physical and mental benefits."

David says Studio Physique is so much more than an awesome place to come workout, it's a community of friends. "We are a supportive network of like-minded people that help each other stay motivated and achieve our goals!"

David lives an active lifestyle, spending free time paddle boarding, cycling, running and practicing yoga. He is also a Certified Yoga Instructor. David loves to work and work out with people, and help them reach their potential. He inspires others with his personal philosophy: "Every day is a new day to be the best you can be."


Kerri is the self-described “cheesy trainer” at Studio Physique. Kerri brought the “beloved” exercise “SP Twist” to Studio Physique – now you know who to thank!

“I have a love-hate relationship with food and working out; I love food and I hate working out!  Yet, I’ve worked out my entire life, and, I’ve tried almost every workout program that’s out there:  weights, aerobics, running… you name it.  In my 20s and 30s it was fairly easy to keep my waistline in check, then I hit my 40s and from that point on maintaining my shape has been a constant struggle. Lagree Fitness is the first workout I’ve tried that I not only genuinely enjoy, but I see the results I’ve always wanted – fast!  Beyond the simple joys of fitting into my clothes, feeling good about myself, and liking what I see in the mirror, I am in great shape!  Plus, I’m not as concerned as I was with age-related issues of bone density and muscle loss.  I’m investing in how I look and feel now, and 30 years from now!  The Lagree method is the intense, low impact burst of effort that is not just for looks - it’s for life!  Join me in my classes and defy your age!”

Kerri also works as a Pinellas County real estate agent, a professional trainer in the automotive world and you might catch her in locally produced commercials and films. When she's not teaching class or working outside of Studio Physique, you'll likely catch Kerri in class working out on the Megaformer alongside you!


Sabrina joined the Studio Physique family in October 2015. It's been such a positive influence in her life, she knew she needed to become certified to better share her love of Lagree Fitness with others.

"It's amazing that anyone, from beginners to elite athletes, can do Lagree, because each move can be modified or intensified. I struggled so much through my first class, and now I continuously feel myself getting stronger each day," she says.

Sabrina grew up as a dancer, starting classes at age 4. She made the competition team at age 6, and starting teaching at 15. She has studied ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, clogging, gymnastics, and even dabbled in Irish Step and Flamenco. She has performed on Broadway, several Carnival Cruise ships, and even with the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov. Sabrina tells us, "I love Lagree because it's the only workout I've done in years, that is as challenging as ballet. The way Lagree teaches you to control your muscles and body to move the Megaformer at a super-slow pace is incredible. And the fact it's low-impact has been great, because I have back and hip injuries from dance and contortion work. Lagree has made my core so much stronger and helped with my lower back and hip flexor pain."

Outside of Studio Physique, Sabrina is an Emmy-winning television producer at 10News WTSP. Having grown up on St. Pete Beach, she loves to spend her free time at the beach and out on the water.


Stacey's passion for fitness began about 15 years ago when her children were young.

“I wanted to lose weight, embrace a healthier lifestyle and set a good example for my kids.”  Stacey’s dedication to fitness, and her desire to share this passion with others grew into a career. In 2009, she attended NPTI in Tampa to become a personal trainer. She also became certified in Spin and Kickboxing and loves teaching classes.

Becoming a certified Lagree Fitness trainer brings together Stacey’s love for resistance training and her love of teaching cardio-based classes. "Not everyone is able to or wants to participate in a high-impact exercise program, but everyone wants an exercise program that will bring results... and Lagree does that." She considers Lagree Fitness the perfect combination of strength, cardio and endurance training. "I am also a fan of cross-training and Lagree is a great addition for any sport-specific athlete!"

Stacey has been with Studio Physique since the beginning. "Being a part of a new and growing community has been so much fun. I love the intimate nature of our studio... Reminds me of that old TV show Cheers... 'Where everybody knows your name'!"


Ashley walked through the Studio Physique doors last September after moving to the Bay Area from her hometown of San Diego. She quickly became family. “My first class with SP, I felt like I was a part of something, a close knit community who enjoys each other’s company”, says Ashley. “I shared their love for Lagree, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the team”.

Ashley is a former cheerleader, gymnast, and diver, and has always lived an active lifestyle. Her job as a nurse keeps her very busy, so she’s searched for a workout that combines strength training and flexibility, while building her endurance. Ashley has tried everything from spin, to running, to barre. But she says, “I have never LOVED my body more than I have after doing Lagree Fitness. I have seen my body transform into toned, lean muscle, while staying limber and increasing my stamina.”

Ashley craves teaching functional fitness to improve proprioception, posture, flexibility, strength, balance, and cardiovascular system function. Because of her profound love for movement and life, she says she “hopes to bring a contagious energy to Studio Physique that will leave you feeling accomplished with a positive mindset -- knowing you will be able to take on any of life’s challenges.”

Ashley’s passions are Lagree Fitness, health, whole body wellness, traveling, friends & family. Her mission is empowering, encouraging, evolving & inspiring others.


Alex walked into her first Lagree Fitness class over 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with the workout. She recently moved to the Tampa Bay area from Upstate New York, quickly became a Studio Physique member, then started working towards becoming an SP trainer. “Before trying this workout, I always thought that the athletic gene had passed me by. However, after just a few weeks I already noticed that my strength and endurance increased. I watched my body literally transform before my eyes.”

The slow pace, controlled movements and the intensity of Lagree appeals to Alex. “I do enjoy the resistance training and the fun up tempo music! I also love this class because Lagree Fitness offers a type of mind-body connection I had never felt before. After each and every class I feel like my stress has melted away. Time really does fly by in these 50 minute classes because you’re so focused on your body the entire time.”

Alex teaches class weekdays at every time on the schedule from early morning to night. “As a trainer at Studio Physique, I want to help people realize they are strong and capable. I love watching clients walk out of the studio with huge smiles on their faces and the confidence to tackle anything life throws at them.”

In addition to her passion for Lagree Fitness at SP, Alex is a graduate of IGH School of Practical Nursing in New York State. She has more than 3 years of nursing experience as an LPN. Alex recently received her health coach certification from the only nationally accredited program in the country: American Council on Exercise. Alex specializes in nutrition, lifestyle modification, and health behavior sciences.


Since moving from Chicago to Tampa Bay in 2011, Tiffany has taken every advantage of not having to battle the cold Midwest winter (and fall and usually spring too). Most nights, she can be found on the many beach volleyball courts around town and is a member of the Tampa Bay Beach Bums volleyball circuit. Her competitive nature started at a young age, having been a nationally recognized figure roller skater and a champion competition cheerleader. Now, she uses that fierce spirit to drive Lagree Fitness classes at Studio Physique.

Tiffany started taking Lagree Fitness classes with a friend when SP opened in the summer of 2015 and has been a fan ever since. “I love the way Lagree elongates & strengthens my muscles and makes my body look so toned. This workout has helped 100% with my volleyball game too!”

Taking and teaching evening classes has become part of Tiffany’s weeknight routine. “I love the closeness of everybody. It's like having your own little family at the gym and the members are awesome! They're very positive people and I just enjoy their company.”

Tiffany gains even more confidence helping SP members achieve their goals. “Seeing the progress in the people I teach means a lot. It’s rewarding to see my new friends enjoying our work out and improving themselves inside and out.”


Michelle is a third generation Pilates Instructor with 18 years teaching experience. She’s excited to bring her expertise to Studio Physique, teaching Lagree Fitness and Cycle-Lagree Hybrid classes. “The attention to form with focus on athleticism, strength and cardio are a perfect complement to my 2 decades teaching fitness and movement.”

Michelle has been in love with fitness since the 90s. She became a certified personal trainer in 1999 thorough WITS, an eight week in-person certification. Michelle became certified in Pilates mat in 1999 through Physicalmind Institute in Washington, DC. She then progressed her education to the Pilates Reformer through Polestar Pilates in Miami with their Allegro certification in 2000. Michelle focused on the body alignment and rehabilitative aspect of Pilates with a 3 year education program through Core Dynamics Pilates. Michelle went through St. Pete Yoga's 200 hour yoga teacher training program in 2010 and enjoys teaching gentle Restorative classes as well as incorporating yogic philosophy in her own life. Michelle went back to school and completed her Physical Therapist Assistant AS degree in 2007. She now works predominantly with Alzheimer's patients and loves the challenges and fun that provides. Michelle has taught weight training group classes, group cycling classes, cardio ball and much more. She loves watching movement and perfecting it for optimal results and safety. She’s a master at body mechanics and has a laser eye for correcting alignment. Michelle makes sure her students have good form and a good time in every class. “I love the friendly vibe at Studio Physique as well as the diversity each teacher brings to their classes for a fun, challenging and effective workout! Lagree complements all other methods of exercise with incredible health benefits and awesome physical results!”

Service Dog

“ACE” is our Studio Physique service dog. Many SP members check-in a few times a week - to work out, yes - but to also hang out with Ace - and to bring him more than his share of treats!

Ace is a rescue dog, a transplant to Florida from Colorado. We’re unsure of his exact ancestry, but many people see German Shepard, Boxer, Greyhound, and their favorite breed in Ace.

He’s a sensitive dog, who keeps the couches warm during class and is always happy to greet you with a tail wag and paw shake.

Ace loves cruising St. Pete in the SP Caddy!

He’s always excited to “go to work” at Studio Physique to see his many friends and to greet new visitors every day.